DATAWD® is a business enterprise whose foundations were laid in 1990 and which develops technological projects and applications based on the needs and demands by its customers and operates in the field of Information Technologies.

Since its founding in London, United Kingdom in August 2016, it has operated according to the principle of continuous development and plain and simple management.


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DATAWD is specialized in the development of applications customized to a specific enterprise or individual. With its experienced staff in the field of Computer Science & Engineering and Business Management, the company generates final products usable by the final consumers. Its projects are responsive to the specific demands by the customers.

Our Company has pioneered reference projects in a number of sectors and fields in reliance on long term cooperation focused on successful outcome in domestic or international corporations.

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Our belief that the projects in the field of information technologies have to comply with the world standards in terms of implementation and quality leads us to catch the most up-to-date practices and standards and motivates us to rely on constant innovations.

Our company makes no compromise from quality and is determined to meet the technology with the customers and increase project productivity. We are also committed to the principle that “if this is something worth for doing for us, it has to be done meticulously and in the best way possible”. Our projects are products of this principle and have always pioneered in the relevant field.

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To become the world’s leading company specializing in all aspects of “Information and Communication Technologies”.



DATAWD is producing special software solutions tailored to the needs of organizations and individuals of all sizes with all kinds of system and hardware integration, realizing the firsts, bringing customers together with new technologies, achieving the targets by continuously increasing the quality and catching world standards, successful, result-oriented, long-term cooperation and is committed to providing solutions beyond the wishes of its customers.



  • Respect for the individual.
  • Provision of service well beyond the customer expectations.
  • Creation of satisfactory job for all parties.
  • Team work, participation and individual responsibility.
  • Innovative and creative thinking.
  • Constant improvement of human resources.