Cloud migrations are often more complicated than just a quick lift-and-shift. Our experts have led hundreds of successful cloud migrations, and they will make sure yours is quick, without disruption and sets you up to reduce costs, automate and easily take advantage of your data.


Integrate the cloud into your operations.

Benefits of the


  1. Cloud-services are fully scalable. Service costs remain predictable with a fixed monthly fee.
  2. Capital expenditures is reduced because localized hardware and software OS/application upgrades are no longer required.
  3. Cloud services are environmentally friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint and your annual energy costs.
  4. Cloud services are highly secure. Security of service becomes the responsibility of the vendor and not the client.
  5. Cloud services are reliable. 99.9% service and application availability guaranteed.



We can advise on the best migration approach for your enterprise, from any environment to any cloud, whether AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or others. Delivered through our end-to-end approach provides organizations a secure, repeatable and scalable path to the cloud. It can reduce migration errors, improve time to insight and deliver application modernization with less effort.


Cloud backup system can be used to backup electronic data that is stored on desktops, laptops (including ones used outside your network) and Network Attached Storage devices.

Files, folders, images and other data such as architectural design files are securely backed up in the background without disrupting your working day.


Safe and highly secure backup solution.

Great reasons to use the


  1. The cost of ownership is lower because there is no ongoing investment in hardware and backup media.
  2. The hidden costs associated with a traditional backup solution are replaced with a fixed monthly fee.
  3. Our Cloud Backup is secure and compliant thanks to military grade data encryption.
  4. Say goodbye to vulnerable obsolete tape backups and time-consuming restore processes.

Safe and highly


We are using ISO 27001:2013 accredited organisations solutions, we can ensure that your data is safe and always within HIPAA compliance requirements.

Our tools use Military Grade 256-bit AES encryption coupled with password authentication when transferring client data to and from the cloud. Your data is securely stored and replicated to ensure resilience at Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres.


Cloud archive is perfect for organisations that need to archive media files, images, electronic documents, email or any other data that is no longer in active use.


Archive your critical data in the cloud.

Benefits of the


  1. Improve operational efficiency. Reduce the burden placed on your IT network by freeing up additional resources.
  2. Reduce costs. Remove the need for onsite storage hardware, reducing energy bills and online backup costs.
  3. Archive regulatory compliance.  By archiving sensitive documentation, emails and other important data.
  4. Reduce administrative processes. With a better manage IT network that makes easier for your IT team.
  5. Optimize data security. Reduce risk of data loss by archiving and replicating your data in the cloud.

Importance of the


Extended data retention places an additional strain on your IT systems; affecting both the speed and stability of your network. Managing large volumes of data can be a major distraction for network administrators.

Online or media-based backup solutions can be costly to use for businesses that retain large quantities of data. It can also cripple the restore process when using conventional backup media.


We are providing the communication systems with a unified solution that’s hosted and maintained in the cloud. Hosted IP telephony, call analytics, web conferencing solutions can be unified in the cloud under a common system, allowing you to reduce the complexity of your communications, increase productivity and reduce your monthly service costs.


A new world of communication for all.

Great reasons to switch to


  1. Lower the total cost of ownership. All of the cloud communications solutions we provide are flexible, fully scalable and available on a subscription-basis. You will only pay for what you use. In addition, your communications platform literally becomes future proofed. upgrade cycles will be a thing of the past and you will always have access to the latest version of the service.
  2. Unify business communications. Companies with multiple-office locations, distance workers and feet on the ground will benefit from using one or more cloud communication solutions that can all be unified under a common system. Reduce the complexity of your communication and increase productivity by keeping everyone connected.
  3. More up-time, less responsibility. Continuity of service becomes the responsibility of the vendor. In addition, almost every cloud communications platform we provide has a 99.9% up-time guarantee.

The advantages of a


A fully featured PBX or SIP telephony service delivered from the cloud that replaces your on premise telephone system. You can potentially reduce your phone bills by up to 80% by eliminating interoffice and travelling call charges. Hosted telephony solutions are feature rich and far more customizable than traditional VoIP phone systems. It’s inexpensive to purchase because significantly less investment in hardware and infrastructure is required. Unify communications by allowing distance workers, satellite offices and staff on the road to use the same internal phone system anywhere in the world.